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There’s certainly nothing like it… But even our vegetarian friends can enjoy this barcoded beauty without guilt! Sadly, scanning it will not yield real bacon… (we tried)it all begins with bacon!

Use the Force!

Star Wars themed vinyl - Death StarWhile we’ve been working hard on updating our new Etsy store, we’ve had a chance to revisit our old designs. Lots of our top picks come from our favorite movies, and these are no exception.

Introducing to the internet, your online source for fabulous Star Wars decals. Stick ‘em on your laptop, your drumset, your walls & filing cabinets!

Get them and more designs here at our BRAND NEW ETSY PAGE!

Star Wars themed vinyl - R2D2
Star Wars themed vinyl - Han Solo

Star Wars themed vinyl - Alliance
Star Wars themed vinyl - R2D2 head

A New Site!

It’s about time we had our own site - welcome to wrodindustries.com – your online source for fabulous vinyl!

We at Wrod design vinyl appliques of all shapes and sizes – anything from small decals to humongous dancefloors! Three years in business and a combined ten years’ experience in vinyl design and installation, we’re here to help you take on any project you like!

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