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Hi! We’re Wrod, and we create removable vinyl decals.

Vinyl is both our business and our passion! With 12 collective years of applique design, production, and installation under our belts, we are still finding new ways to work with vinyl. Over the years, we’ve ended up creating a little bit of everything!

dance floor decal, event vinyl

Dance Floor Decals

Are you having a party? Dance floor appliques are a great way to make your event really special! We’ll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that stands out in the center of the room. Weddings monograms are lovely and stylish, and we get really creative adding bits and pieces of any color to tie into your theme. We’ll also help make your Bar Mitzvahs, Reunions and Anniversaries truly unique.

With dance floor vinyl, you can even monetize your floor space! Sponsors can get their names and logos noticed at big corporate events. (We also recommend advertising sponsor logos on vehicles for big events/fundraisers.)

More Removable Decals for Events

Along with the dance floor art, we create smaller vinyl appliques for big events. Logos and stylistic touches on vases, mirrors, tables, bars, glasses will help bring the look together. Any smooth hard surface will work well with our removable decals.

vehicle decals, adhesive vinyl

Vehicle Decals

Vinyl can make your ride to work much more pleasant! Get some cool removable artwork for your car, truck, or bike! You’ll never have to worry about losing your car in the parking lot if it’s personalized! We’ve created vinyl appliques for many vehicles – we’ve even done boats!

Vinyl Wall Art at Home or Work

Vinyl’s not just for parties. We will gladly help redecorate your home or office, too! We make wall decals of all kinds: logo appliques, inspirational quote decals, large-scale wall art, etc. We can work in any room, too! (Bathroom vinyl is awesome!) And remember, it’s removable, so when you’re ready for the next cool design, just pull it off!

storefront vinyl applique, vinyl window decal

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!

Get attention! Put your store hours, website, contact details, and logo wherever you like with our advertising appliques. Use vinyl on the front of your store and on the back of your car. It’s a wonderful and easy way to get passers-by to notice your business.

Remember, adhesive decals work on walls and floors in your store as well – use the advertising space you’ve got!

Little Vinyl Decals

Our smaller vinyl pieces look great on skateboards, laptops, guitars, drum heads, picture frames, vases, chairs, mirrors, and any other smooth hard surface you like. We love custom projects, but we also sell some favorite designs on our Etsy page!

We get it – you really like vinyl!

In (not so) short, removable vinyl decals are amazingly versatile, and we really really enjoy working on both the big and the small projects. Helping enhance your party, home, car, or office with our vinyl decals would totally make our day!

Please check out our portfolio and keep up with us at our blog. We’re always doing something new and exciting, and we love to share our fun with you!

~Emma Helminski & Chris Dwan
Wrod Industries

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Los Angeles-based creators Emma Helminski and Chris Dwan represent the fabulous and funky designs at Wrod Industries. Removable vinyl decals and wall art to personalize your home, office, or event. Dance floor vinyl, removable wall art, vehicle decals, and more at Wrod Industries in Los Angeles.

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